Lovelock: “Environmentalism has become a religion.”

On the eve of the publication of the latest IPCC report on the anticipated impacts of climate change, the Guardian has published an interview with one of the godfathers of the environmental movement, James Lovelock.

James Lovelock is reported as saying: “Environmentalism has become a religion and does not pay enough attention to facts.”

I believe he is unfortunately right. Every single one of the mainstream environmental NGOs stick to the orthodoxy that it is possible to replace our global fossil fuel system entirely with renewables. The writing is on the wall.

While we are all in favour of clean renewable energy, it is pure zealousness that suggests we can replace fossil fuels, and meet rising global demand, with current technologies.

When not one single environmental NGO can bring themselves to do the maths, and countenance the only low carbon technology that can be scaled up sufficently to replace base load power from coal and gas, they are failing all of us.

This obstinate refusal to face up to the facts arguably fuels climate skepticism. If environmentalists do not care enough about climate change to change their minds about nuclear energy, why should anyone take them seriously?

Sadly, the dogmatic anti-nuclear stance of mainstream greens ends up being by default, pro-coal.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 16.28.17



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